The LGC Story

Livingston Gun Club is a private shooting facility located in Brighton, Michigan. We are affiliated with the National Rifle Association, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, the United States Practical Shooting Association, and the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

We take pride in our right to keep and bear firearms. One of our oldest traditions is the requirement that our members maintain membership in the NRA.

Our ranges are open to members and their guests for casual shooting, sighting in of rifles, etc.

We also host competitions and training events throughout the year. These are open to the public, check the events calendar for details.

A brief history of Livingston Gun Club

Although there is documentation that organized shooting took place as early as 1951, Livingston Gun Club was officially incorporated on April 14th, 1955. A clubhouse was built in the early 1960’s. The facility at that time wasn’t much more than a small depression in the ground and a parking lot. Soon after, the members began the lengthy process of excavating the property to create “pits” that are safer and reduce the amount of noise escaping the range.

Around 1978, the club started the annual ritual of hosting “Hunter Safety” classes, a hunting license requirement here in Michigan.

In 1991 the club was involved in a lawsuit brought by residents of subdivisions and housing developments in the area. The ranges were closed for a while and re-opened after installation of overhead baffle systems was completed. We maintain full compliance with NRA Range Safety guidelines and we’re very strict when it comes to safety.

Where does the “A” in the logo come from?

The club’s logo is a triangle with an “A” in the center. Back in the day the NRA rated affiliate clubs based on level of NRA membership. Clubs with 100% NRA membership received an “A” rating. They don’t do that any more but we still maintain 100% NRA membership and proudly display the ‘A’ in recognition of that commitment.


LGC members enjoy a variety of activities ranging from casual plinking to national championship level competition.

Our cadre of instructors offer classes for folks looking to obtain a concealed carry permit(CPL/CCW) or hunting license. We also host shooting clinics sponsored by the NRA.

The calendar lists activities that are open to the public and you can reach club officers and program managers through the contact page.