Time Plus scoring with minimal types of penalties will be used to keep it simple:

– One A zone hit neutralizes a target
– Two hits anywhere neutralizes a target
– Steel will only be engaged with pistol and needs to fall to be scored
– Failure to neutralize is + 5 seconds to your raw time

All safety, match, and target scoring rules (no shoots, hard cover, shoot through, what constitutes a hit) used by nationally recognized organizations will be used to keep it safe and familiar
– Squads will self RO
– Long guns must have chamber flags at all times until the make ready command
– Long gun must be kept cased or on an approved cart, muzzle down, until bringing them to the line
– Hand guns must be holstered at all times when not making ready or shooting a course of fire


• Iron Sight Division – both rifle and pistol must have and use iron sights
• Open Division – if one or both rifle and pistol have a red dot or laser, you are in the open division

• Hand Gun requirements – 9mm, .40cal or .45cal
• Long Gun requirements – .22LR, PCC, 5.56 or 7.62 allowed
• No magazine capacity limit
• No full auto on any firearms
• No pistol braced firearms

In order to keep the flow and timing

• Magazine pouches/carrier devices required and to be on body – includes pockets
• Only detachable box magazine fed firearms capable of speed reloads by changing magazines will be allowed – no tube magazine fed .22LR