LGC hosts monthly handgun, shotgun and multi-gun matches from April to November. We also have shotgun, carbine, and single stack matches whenever someone feels like putting one together. All matches are open to the public.

USPSA Handgun matches are on the 2nd Sunday. A typical match consists of 6 stages including a classifier. Round count varies between 100 and 150 but bring at least 200. Registration opens at 09:00 ¬†and competition begins at 10:00. Match fee is $20. The matches are usually over by 14:00 so we don’t stop for lunch.

Multi-gun matches are held on the 3rd Sunday. A typical match consists of 6 stages. Ammunition needs vary so contact the match director or bring a bunch just to be on the safe side. Registration opens at 08:00 and competition begins at 09:00. Match fee is $30. Multi-gun matches are an all day affair but there’s a lunch break. Hot lunch is available for a small fee whenever we can get volunteers to run the kitchen. This doesn’t always work out so check with the match director before finalizing your lunch plans. Rules for the multi-gun matches are posted in the ‘documents and forms’ section.

Setup for the monthly matches starts at 10:00 on the Saturday before and we need all the help we can get. LGC members can apply time spent on match setup toward their yearly work hour commitment and everyone is entered in a drawing for a gun.