Welcome to the 2018 shooting season at LGC. This Sunday is the Special Classifier Match for 2018. At the request of a few competitors and with the weather in mind we will be doing 6 Classifiers and a short field course. Based on the pre-registration sign-ups we will be looking at close to 100 competitors on Sunday. The weather forecast is Sunny but temps only reaching low 40’s so we would like to get done ASAP and get out of the cold sooner rather than later. The classifiers are still being decided but look for a round count for this match to be in the 110-115 range. Registration/sign-up opens at 8:30 and closes at 9:30. We are looking for a 10:000 AM start. For those that are walk-up registration we will try to accommodate your squadding requests but won’t guarantee it. Please arrive earlier rather than later. As usual we will be looking for Range officers on Sunday and if you can help out let Mark know at registration. RO’s shoot for $10.00 at this match.

Set-up will start at 10:00 AM on Saturday. If there are club members that want to put in some work hours we could really use some help getting the ranges in order. It looks like there is also a tree down at the entrance to range 2 and that needs to be cleared before the match also some branches on Range 2 baffles that need clearing. If a member could show up with a chain saw for an hour or two that would be a big help For those helping with set-up a pair of gloves would come in handy other than that we should have all that is needed. We could also use someone with a pick-up truck for a Home Depot run for sticks and supplies.

Dress warm and see you this weekend