Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Now we can all diet for a couple days to make up for the overeating.
Competition has ended, but we still can get in some practice on the ranges, just remember to do it according to the rules and safety procedures for each range. Targets placed properly, no targets on side berms, shooting from under baffles etc.
Remember to renew your NRA membership thru the club, or sign up new people thru the club website.
The next meeting is Dec. 2, we will be collecting for Toys for Tots and we have always done a great job. (Bring an unwrapped toy or a monetary donation.) We will also be selling raffle tickets for the annual meeting. Discussions on what should be brought up at the annual meeting will also take place.
There have been no nominees for election to the board so, you will be stuck with the same board in 2019. Matt has agreed to stay as VP one more year.
If you have any craft or other items that would be appropriate for gifts that you would like to sell, bring them to this meeting. Who knows you may help fill a Christmas stocking.
Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.