This Sunday March 4, at 9:00 AM is the monthly General Membership at LGC. As a reminder this will be the last day you can pay your 2018 dues without the penalty of appearing before the membership to be voted back in if you let your dues lapse.

We are looking for someone to spearhead the Woman on Target event this year. Matt has been handling it for the past 4 or 5 years but with his work and travel schedule he is not able to have the time to set it up. Given today’s political climate I feel that this is an event that needs to happen for the club. Basically you would be responsible for getting the Grant from the NRA, acquiring the merchandise, registration, staffing the event, and setting up the food for the event. Staffing has never been a problem as we have always had plenty of members step up to help the day of the event.

This month on March 22 we are having our annual Friends of NRA banquet. Tickets will be available at the meeting, Also if you are available to help out the day of the event. See Dave Salzmann at the meeting to both volunteer and or purchase tickets.

This month also kicks off our shooting season with 2 introductory classes for those wishing to get into competition or just want to get out for a day of shooting some different courses of fire for practice.

First is our “Intro to 3 Gun 101” class on March 18. Because of the popularity of the class registration is online.

For those only interested in our handgun matches we will be doing “Practical Shooting 101” class on March 24. Contact Gary Johnson for registration. This one is free. We will be posting some details once we are a little closer to the date.

Hope to see you all on Sunday