We will be having a General Membership meeting this Sunday July 1 at 9:00 AM.  Under New Business we will have a discussion about roofing work that needs to be done on the old Clubhouse, Range 3 covering and a roof on the dark house.

After the meeting we will starting the prep work for the Ryan Rocks match that will be held next weekend.  We have a couple of few small projects that need to be done before the match so if anyone is looking for some work hours, we can use you.  Weather/Temperature is supposed to be Hot so we won’t be making things an all day project.

It hard to believe, but we are into July already.  This will be our busiest month this year with something planned for all 5 weekends.

As I mentioned next weekend July 6-8 is the Ryan Rocks Outdoor Adventures Charity Blast.  Set-up will start Monday on the outer ranges; 8,7, 1, 6 etc. with all ranges closed at the end of shooting onWed. July 4.  If you encounter a range with “Caution” Tape at the entrance, that range is closed until the end of the match.

The match is shaping up to be the biggest match we have hosted at our club.  One obstacle we face is parking for the competitors and staff for the match.  We need a couple volunteers to be at the range by 7:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday to get everyone parked.  You would basically be done by 9:00 AM as the match will be “first Shots” by 8:30.

Jeff is working on some offsite parking for the staff, We are expecting to have about 150 staff and competitors at the range each day so parking will be at a premium and we need some help in directing them.  If you can help out contact Jim at jimh714@earthlink.net , or Jeff Gerak at jeffrey.gerak@gmail.com   Also if you have a few hours available during the day next week the set-up crew can always use a hand. Again contact Jeff for details on times for the set-up

On Saturday July 14 we will be holding out Women on Target event.  We have a few volunteers signed up from last month’s meeting but could use more, especially those with NRA Instructor credentials.   We can also use some help with food prep and miscellaneous tasks at the event.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the meeting tomorrow or if can help out and can’t make the meeting contact Gary Johnson at delta363@gmail.com for more information.

July 22 will be our Multi-gun Match.  Set-up will start at 9:00 on Saturday July 21.

We will finish out the month with the Glock GSSF Match on July 28 and 29.  I have had good response for volunteers but could use a couple more certified RO’s to fill out the staff on match days.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the meeting tomorrow or drop me an e-mail at jimh714@earthlink.net if you can’t make the meeting and want to help out.

As a final comment please clean-up after yourself after your shooting session.  Pick-up your brass and throw out your used targets.

Thanks, the management.