Sunday, May 5, 2019 is the monthly General Membership meeting which will start at 9:00 AM.

Cinco de Mayo Fun Shoot

After the meeting we are putting together a .22 Rim fire Fun Match for LGC members only. Bring your .22 and a box (or more) of ammo. This will be “Stand and shoot” from Low Ready, shot on our plate rack and poppers. Initial entry fee is $5.00/score card and $1.00 per scorecard after your initial run. In honor of Cinco DeMayo, First place is a $10.00 Taco Bell Gift Card for each division. The divisions are Iron Sight Pistol, Iron Sight Rifle. Scoped Pistol and Scoped Rifle. Enter as many times as you like and turn in your best score card at the end of the day.

Equipment: Eye and ear protection, A .22 rim fire firearm. 2 magazines at least but more is better. Tube fed rifles are fine. You will be loading a maximum of 10 rounds/string and there will be 8 strings over 2 stages. Minimum no miss round count will be about 50 rounds to complete the score card.